Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Wellness Wednesday: Always Stay Beautiful

I must admit, I am definitely not banidosa. I only comb my hair twice a day, after taking a bath and after showering before I go to bed. I generally dislike wearing make-up and most of the time forget to wear earrings when I go out. I prefer to wear comfortable clothes now and have heeled shoes that I only wear if it's really needed. 

I think I probably "dressed down" a lot after I had heart surgery. I prioritized comfort over everything else. It was Fumie (from Japan) who made me think about taking care of myself better. She gave me Matcha de Bihada. It's a type of mask that helps moisturize your face. After that I asked a high school friend to teach me how to properly moisturize. 

Cheyenne lounging around.
Photo by: JayDJ

My insides are a mess, but my outward appearance looks normal save for my very prominent vains. I've been lucky because my skin has been normal. It probably helps I drink a lot of water and stay indoors most of the time. Since the time Sunshine taught me, I moisturize twice a day and use sunscreen as advised by Anne. It's what I do after I comb my hair, haha. 

I did skip for a few months when my condition worsened. Managed to pull myself out of the rut. Making the effort to take care of my skin makes me feel good. I also wear a t-shirt during the day to signal my body to be more productive. It helps not to wear bed clothes all day, hehe. 

Make the effort and don't let yourself "go" as they say. My Mom even at 87 combed her hair more times than I do and she always looked presentable. She had days when she'd wear her favorite torn dusters. She was just like Dad who also loved to wear his butas butas shirts. Titay loved to pull at them to make the holes bigger, haha. 

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