Friday, May 12, 2023

Lakwatsa Fridays: Traveling with Mom

Mom was a pro at traveling. She told me I was just a baby when they first brought me to Camangui in Pasacao. That's where she grew up and she regaled me with a lot of her childhood memories. One, was how she got a scar on her leg from falling on the batis while playing with her brothers. That was one reason why she was very strict with me and my legs are scar free. Another, was how she learned how to drive. They'd "borrow" Papa Lolo's army jeep. That was why it was so hard to determine her real age (they made her older in her license). 


Mom was pretty adventurous and was game to do anything. We traveled yearly to Bicol and when Dad was assigned in Lucena, we'd hop on a bus on weekends to visit him.  It was Mom who called me lakwatsera. That's the reason why my travel blog title is "Lakwatsera Ako". She said I had itchy feet that's why I always wanted to be out and about. 

She loved going to the beach, shopping and, of course, gardens. She absolutely loved the Singapore National Orchid Garden and pointed out all the variants she had in her garden. In between, sightseeing, shopping and visiting churches, I'd always slip in some salon time. She always wanted her nails and hair done. Just before the pandemic we were still able to bring her to Bali, Singapore and a few days in Tagaytay. 



We're going to miss traveling with you Mom. Your packing skills are still unmatched, but I think I've improved a lot. I'm grateful we were able to travel with you before the pandemic :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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  1. I'm happy mom was able to join us for a few trips over the years. She probably would've loved to visit the Vatican, but I guess now, she has all the holiness opportunities to be up close and personal with from heaven. :)