Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sunday Miracles: Reminders from Mom

I was conspicuously absent since I brought Mom to Manila Memorial Park. I picked up a viral infection and was ordered to rest. My fragile heart would not have made it. I think it's what Mom would have wanted. I've been either lying awake or fast asleep. It was worse when I started taking meds to combat the flu.

Well, Mom has been clear with what she wants me to do:

Help with Book 8 of the Mama Mary book

My college friends, Noemi and Marjorie, visited the wake and left 2 books for me. Book 7 of the Mama Mary book which I helped do last minute edits for and "Bring Your Book to Life" authored by Marjorie. I had been thinking about the book the past few weeks. Rowie said we should definitely start working on it.  Also, realized she's telling me not to stop this daily ramblings.

Learn to Take Care of Orchids

If you knew my Mom, you would know she has a gorgeous garden. She loved her orchids and whatever she grew always flourished. Meanwhile, many plants have perished under my care. The only ones that have survived are those that Mom gave me. I now have three moth orchids. I hope they live. 

Be Yourself

Kuya dropped off all the stuff from the wake since they're probably leaving this week. I was surprised there was a box from Casa Moderna (all the way from Naga!). It was my favorite childhood cake which I haven't eaten for a long time. Mom truly knows what makes me happy and the cake is a  reminder from Mom to be myself. 

I realized I'm an orphan now. My best friend, Darwin, said not to worry because he'll be my mudra from now on. I know he's just being funny (as usual), but I know there's many people around me who care. I saw this from the countless people who went to Mom's funeral the past week even though I'm not there.

Also wanted to take this opportunity to all the family and friends who helped and sympathized with us. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

#BeKimd #StaySafe

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