Monday, May 22, 2023

Home on Mondays: Look at Our Cleaned Up Water Pipes

We wondered why the pipes under our water tank looked so awkward. We had to be careful walking around it because it looked fragile. We also had no idea what the knobs were for and where the pipes went. Our heart would always skip whenever the cats would go under the tank. We eventually had it inspected and Rod, the master plumber, said that he'd fix it for us. 

Old system.

The tank was emptied to be cleaned. Rod also added a filter so the water coming in the tank would already be clean. Rod is truly very passionate on what he does. His team is the same and we were pleasantly surprised with the work they did for us. 

The tank was unusable when they worked on the pipes. Good thing they worked on the pipes just before Maynilad announced water interruptions. We used tabo system while they were working on the pipes. They worked on it really fast and it was done in just two days. The pipes now look like MRT lines (haha). Rod helped us label it so we could easily turn things on and off as needed. 

Revised pipe system. 

It's now safer to walk around the tank. We're no longer afraid of bumping into the pipes because it's now installed properly. I smile whenever I see the nearly lined up pipes. It's just so pleasant to see good work. We'll definitely be working with Rod again for future projects! 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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