Saturday, May 20, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: Trying to Grow Oyster Mushrooms

I've wanted to try growing oyster mushrooms for awhile now. I was so curious when I saw Inyaki post his successful experiment. Also saw his posts on cooking fresh mushrooms. I haven't had much success in growing veggies so I thought maybe I might have better luck with mushrooms. 

My interest got piqued again when Tobie posted his fruiting oyster mushrooms. He sent me information where got his growing kit. The time felt right so I immediately ordered. The order got delayed, but I eventually received the kit. It had 4 substrates (one was free). This is how the kit looked like when it was delivered -

Kit: substrate pack, spray bottle, cutter and katsa

I immediately pinged the seller (Pinong Farm) to get the instructions. Oh boy, they had a lot of resources since they also included instructions on how to make substrate. I just gathered from the video that you need to cover it with moistened cloth and not to be lazy (hahaha). 

I was a bit anxious about the item I received because it was very, very warm when it arrived. It was delivered that day when the heat index reached 41'C or 42'C. I left it on the kitchen counter to cool down and waited for the seller to ping back. After watching the videos, Sweetie and I discussed where to keep the mushrooms.

You need to place it in a place where there is no sunlight, humid and far from a fan/aircon. There are works still ongoing so we decided to place it in the family room bathroom which we don't use. It has a nice nook just beside the sink where it won't get any sunlight. I was relieved to see it was starting to be more white after 4 days. This is how it looked -

The instructions said it will take 30 days before you can harvest. And the instructions said not to be lazy! Haha. So, let's wait and see :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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