Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday Miracles: Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I hope you had a blast up there in heaven when you celebrated your 90th birthday! You waited a long time for Mom to join you up there. The best miracle for the week though was finally reuniting with Ate and Kuya. We haven't been complete since December 2010. That was also the last Christmas we were all together. 

It finally happened, I was finally feeling better and asked if Ate and Kuya wanted to get together to celebrate your birthday. I used Mom's magical cooking skills and prepared (err ordered) a Lucban feast from Buddy's. I thought it appropriate to have pansit habhab, hardinera and Lucban longganisa, since that's where you were born. I wanted to cook your famous mustasa dish, but I didn't have the ingredients. Kuya said he missed it so I just gave the recipe to him. 

And we had a feast reminiscent of how we celebrate birthdays at home. Kuya also brought lechon manok, liempo and ice cream. I was so happy to see them together Dad and I know that was one of your bilins. Mom made sure it would happen at the right time and right place.

Kuya and I decided to move back to our home. I hope it's okay with you and Mom, we'll rebuild a new house since the current one is really too big for us. This way we can watch out for each other (moreso since my sibs are almost senior citizens already hrhr). Well, they also want to keep an eye on me. I also super missed having them around since Ate left when I was just 10 and they both soon married a couple of years after that. 

Well, you and Mom took good care of me. It was probably hard for you since you were both in your 40s already when you had me. I realized though that despite that you and Mom brought me up the best way you can. I miss you and I keep forgetting Mom is gone. We will be okay, but please continue to watch over us. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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