Monday, May 15, 2023

Home on Mondays: Got a New Cookbook!

We took a break from home renovations the past few weeks, so thought it would be nice to blog about something else. One of my favorite chefs on YouTube is Chef Tatung. I've been watching his videos since I was in Singapore and have been collecting his cookbooks. I also give them as gifts to my foreigner friends who want to learn how to cook Filipino food.

He came out with a new cookbook last week entitled, "Dishkarte". I felt ecstatic when it arrived and I immediately opened the package. I originally thought it would just be a recipe book, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it had pages dedicated to basic cooking techniques and know-how. 

As I leafed through the pages I felt like I was going through high school Foods class again. I suddenly remembered the four years where we were taught about managing your own kitchen. Our classes though were disrupted often because of coup d'etats, so there were certainly gaps. I also almost always volunteered to either do the dishwashing or marketing. I've been afraid to use the kalan eversince I remember. So, thank God induction and electric stoves were invented! 

I still have my Foods class handwritten recipe books with my teachers signature. She checked it to make sure we wrote down all the recipes she had us try. After high school I continued to use it to write down recipes. I still use it every so often and it now sits beside Chef Tatung's books. 

Going back to the book, I like how he gave a really good overview of Filipino cooking. There's a page where he discusses how to cook different types of adobo. How to make different types of pickles, salads, processed meat (longganisa, tocino etc.), soup and much more. There's even a section about pots and pans. It's a really good book for home cooks like me and Miggy. I will enjoy reading the whole cookbook to learn more :)

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