Monday, May 29, 2023

Home on Mondays: Why Home Fire Insurance is Important

We learned a lot in the past year about home management. We also experienced a lot in the year and a half since we moved to our new home. Last year, Kuya got fire insurance for our ancestral home. We also got for our new home since you never know what may happen.

True enough a fire broke out behind our house two months after we got fire insurance. We got very nervous because the fire was right behind the firewall. The guard told us the fire got 40% of the structure before firefighters arrived. We got lucky because the structure's walls were very thick. The firefighter said our firewall was pretty warm. 

We immediately had the firewall inspected. There were bulges in it. Good thing our agent was very accommodating. He helped us get it further inspected and saw through the claim. Inspection showed that the firewall needed some repair only. 

It took seven months for the claim and the firewall to be repaired. Architect Wansi's team took care of the repairs. They reassured us that the firewall is now safe. They're also working on finally adding a sampayan for us. Yay!

When you get fire insurance, they will only insure the cost of your house. So let's say you have a 100 sqm house, built at 35k per sqm, then your house is insured for PhP3,500,000. I don't remember, but I think we were also asked to list our appliances so it can be included in the computation. After the computations, we received several quotations from several companies. Our agent explained each one and then we selected what we thought was best for us. 

We also saw several fires break around our area. Some were really huge. We learned how to manage our anxiety over them by monitoring it closely. We follow TXTFire Philippines on Facebook. They usually provide updates about cases and that helps reassure us whenever we hear a firetruck pass by (we're parallel to a main street so we always hear whenever they pass by). PTSD is real, just make sure you're well informed so it doesn't get triggered. 

#BeKind #StaySafe


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