Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Made Another Cat Quilt!

I'm on a roll making cat quilts because that's the theme I've chosen for my kitchen covers. I'm having fun trying out different cat quilt designs inspired by Pinterest. Decided to try out this cat design since it's expandable to bigger projects. I chose this since I'm using it for a medium sized kitchen gadget. 

My skills to recreate the design was seriously put to the test. I first drew the design on graphing paper to get an idea how I should set it up for my project. It took several pencil drawings before I was satisfied. After that I rendered it on manila paper. I'm glad I did because it looked very different from what I drew on graphing paper. It also took awhile and a lot of erasing before I was satisfied. 

Good thing I did a render on manila paper before I made the template on a chip board. The manila paper render helped me figure out how to cut the fabric and the steps how to piece together the quilt. It looked like a simple design, but I didn't count on how much brain work it required to recreate, lol. Here's how I made it -

I had fun making this. I'm on the hunt to make another one, but for a taller and slimmer kitchen gadget. Maybe I should find one that has a tail. That would be so cute! 

Just thinking though how Mom would react to these cat quilts... she would have scrunged up her nose. She doesn't really like cats since they ruin her plants, hehe

#BeKind #StaySafe

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