Saturday, May 6, 2023

Au Revoir, Mom

Dear Mom, 

I haven't been to your wake and will also miss your interment today. I promptly got sick after I made arrangements to bring you to your resting place. I immediately took a nap after eating late lunch when we got home. Rested the next day and then I got sick. I guess you wanted to keep me safe since people in our circle left and right started to get sick too.

I would also not survive seeing you off and I never want to think about you being gone. I know, I know crying would not do me any good. It would make matters worse. So I will stay home, drink my meds and rest as you wish. I will come visit you and Dad soon. 

I know you're watching over us Ma, but please no more pranks ha like burning down your altar*. I already reminded your helper not to skip watering your plants. I also prayed for rain which came the day after. It was short and sweet, but enough to drench the plants. Honestly have no idea how to keep your garden beautiful Ma. 

Love you forever Ma. I know I'm your favorite because you knew you trained me well to take care of everything. 

Your favorite child,

*Yes, Mom's altar burned the day after she passed away. Surprisingly only one Sto. Nino was partially scorched because the candle fell over it. All her Mama Mary figures were okay. Luckily the fire was addressed immediately and no one was hurt.


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