Wednesday, May 3, 2023

What to Say When Someone Sends Their Condolences

My Mom's helper chided me for thanking her when she sent her condolences. She said don't say thank you because it's like you welcomed the loss. I asked the funeral director how does one respond when someone sends their condolences. He told me there is a pamahiin that you shouldn't say thank you. He advised to instead to say you appreciate it or just say sige or okay

Daddy would say though that you should be happy when your loved one dies. It means they have finished their mission on earth and have been called home by God. He said this to me multiple times a few years before he passed away. He had a very different view of death and said that you should look forward to it. When he got sick, he said he finished his mission already and was looking forward to going home. Of course, I'd be very upset whenever he told me this. 

I only understood what he meant to teach me when i experienced a number of illnesses that could have taken me away. He is right, one must rejoice in life and death. Papa God is showing you His love either way. My cousin will probably tell me, di ka masaya kakwentuhan, but as Mom taught me. It's the circle of life. 

I chose Mom's photo above to be printed for the funeral. It is a candid photo since she never really liked taking posed photos.  She was also in her favorite space at home, in the lanai where she could see her garden. It's also where she would entertain her friends and where we would eat. She probably liked it there because that's where Dad would sit across her. Oh well Ma, enjoy forever with Dad. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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