Thursday, May 11, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Mom and Dad's Journey

I stumbled on old family photos when I was looking for a nice photo of Mom. I found an album where I gathered scanned photos of their wedding and anniversaries. My parents spent 51 years together. Their love story spanned so many decades. They spent a very long, fruitful life. 





Aside from growing a family, my parents spent a lot of their time for social and religious causes. They were heavily involved in the building of our parish church. Daddy also used his skills to ensure our community was protected and had proper utilities (ie water). They were active members of the Knights of Columbus and CWL. I learned a lot from their activities and I guess that's also why I enjoyed doing projects that was going to benefit communities. 

I dreamt of my parents last week. We were on an outing abroad. They were so happy together and wore matching yellow outfits. This was how they looked (photo taken months before I was born). 

It's strange I dreamt of them months before I was born. I knew it was before I was born because there was another photo together with my cousin, Tina, when she was a baby (taken the same day). Oh! I just realized that I was probably growing in my Mom's tummy when the photo was taken. She said I was probably made on Holy Innocents Day (hehe). I guess they were sending their love from heaven and telling me everything will be okay. 

Love you Mom and Dad. Please watch over us from up there. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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