Thursday, February 2, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Happy 10th My Heart

Realized my photos are messed up. When I searched for January photos from 10 years ago it showed I was in Australia, Bohol, Tagaytay and other places all in a span of two weeks. I realized my camera's date setting was not set properly that's why it recorded our recent Bohol photos as 2013 photos. Yikes!

I soon realized where I really was 10 years ago. I just had mitral valve repair and was recovering slowly in Singapore. It's been a decade since Dr. Shankar and Dr. Koo worked together to put repair my leaky valve. I'm forever grateful for the care they gave to me. 

Lake Sebu, April 2013.

A lot of patients ask about what happens after getting your mitral valve repaired. I enjoyed five years without any maintenance meds. It felt very much like getting a new lease on life. I was very much a busy bee and traveled like crazy. Two months after my second surgery (I had water in my heart), I did a TV interview (how crazy was that). 

TV interview, April 2013

Then I went to Lake Sebu in Cotabato after the interview. By June I was hosting a huge event in Indonesia and I went up the Borobudur temple. I spent the rest of the year and the next five years hopping from one country to another. 

Looking back I did a lot back then because I felt I had to prove to myself I was alive! I even wanted to run a marathon. Of course, that did not happen, haha. I'm grateful though I had those good years where I was able to serve and meet many people across the world. So happy 10th to my heart! Keep ticking!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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