Monday, February 13, 2023

Home on Mondays: Condo Bedroom Renovation

It was our first time to own property when we bought our condo unit. Looking back, we should have probably spent a bit more to customize our unit before we moved in. We were in a rush to move at that time because we had to rid of our monthly lease since we had to pay for our mortgage. I was also scheduled to for heart surgery a few weeks after moving in. 

Start with mayhem and the mess is certainly going to grow. Life would have been easier if we had all the proper cabinets installed and furniture in place before we moved in. It was hard since we didn't have enough storage, so our home was perennially messy. 

Before and after emptying the room

No contractor wanted to work on our apartment until we removed all our possessions in the unit. That's why it took 10 years before we managed to get anything done. One of the most annoying issue in the bedroom was the closet. The cabinets had doors that would eat up so much space whenever it was opened. Another issue were the curtains. 

Property management required residents to use white curtains facing outward. It would also get warm, so to keep the heat out we doubled the curtains. We thought about having the windows tinted, but it's expensive. We then decided to change to blinds. It solved the issue of keeping the heat out. It also ate up less space especially in the bedrooms. 

Here's what we changed in the two bedrooms: 

Closet doors transformed into sliding doors 

Closets re-colored to dove gray 

Bedroom doors re-colored to white 

Accent wall added to make the bedroom more interesting 

Curtains changed to roller blinds Air-conditioning units are now properly framed 

Changed the flooring

Finally, upgraded the ceiling light

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