Monday, February 20, 2023

Home on Mondays: Condo Masters Bathroom Makeover

One of the things I struggled with while living in a condo unit was the lack of storage in the bathroom. We were only able to add a rod for the shower curtain, towel holder and a shower caddy. We used makeshift cabinets to store extra toiletries. The toilet paper pack was perennially under the sick. The only nice thing we had was the laundry hamper which we got from Ikea. It looked messy even with the containers we used. 

I shared all my frustration to Arch. Wansi when we planned to renovate the unit. We originally only planned to add cabinets and keep the countertop. I really disliked the purple/magenta specked countertop. Through the years it started to fade and I disliked it even more. It came with the unit and I don't know why DMCI went for that ugly color. Anyway, since we were already renovating we decided to have it changed. We realized the new cabinets and mirrors wouldn't have looked good with the odd looking countertop*.

Here's what we changed in the masters bathroom:

Mirrors were lengthened to cover the wall end-to-end and added storage space behind it

Added lights under and on top of the mirror and changed the ceiling light

Changed the countertop

Kept the sink but changed the faucet

Added storage under the sink

Used dove gray paint for the cabinets

Re-painted the walls

Replaced the exhaust with a new one (the original one died after 8 years)

Original Bhagwan water heater still surprisingly working. We only changed the shower head last year. 

We were really happy with the makeover. We realized though we didn't allot any space for the laundry hamper. Managed to squeeze in a small one beside the trash can. Maybe next time we'll get a smaller one so it can go under the sink. 

*The countertop was really sturdy and is now probably installed in a new home. 

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