Sunday, November 1, 2020

Typhoon Rolly (Goni)

The strongest typhoon of the year hit home today. My home province, Bicol, was hit the hardest. It's my first time to hear DOST Pagasa declare signal number 5 for a group of provinces. When I was growing up the strongest typhoons only reached up to signal number 3. Signal number 5 means the typhoon brings catastrophic winds which can bring heavy to widespread damage (source).

Our backyard during Typhoon Ondoy (2009).

I may be far away from home, but I cannot help but worry. Miggy and my Mom are in Manila and I have relatives in Bicol. I just heard back from Miggy and he said they're okay in Manila. I'm more worried about my Tita Olive who is in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. A friend from Naga City said they don't have electricity and there is no signal from Globe. He hasn't been able to hear back from his relative in Pasacao too. 

I can't help but worry because I remember Tita Olive told me before she had to hold on for dear life on the pillar of her house so she won't get blown away by the wind. She lives by the beach. I know she has moved to a new place, but I'm not sure if it's on the beach side or mountain side. I haven't been able to visit her in Camangui for a long time now. There's also not much news about the area so I hope and pray they are okay. 

Since we started having supertyphoons, any typhoon that's above signal number 3 always grip me with fear. Being far away from my family makes it even harder. I could only hope and pray my relatives in Bicol are all okay. 

We will only know the devastation this supertyphoon has brought in the next few days. Help will be needed. I'll post updates on where you can help once I get news from back home. 

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