Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thank You for the Hugs and Love

I was feeling so unwell yesterday and asked hugs from everyone. After I asked for the hugs I went offline and focused on finishing work and rested after. I was so surprised this morning when I got an outpouring of hugs and messages of love from family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my repaired  heart <3

Showing your support for us who get sick helps a lot. It makes us feel we're still needed and does wonders to our fighting spirit. My doctors believe so much in me I forgot to ask for some rest time. My friends here were telling me I should have taken a break. I'm so busy at work right now it did not cross my mind to ask for some rest time from my doctors. I figured since they only gave me dizzy meds I'd be okay after resting during the weekend. Not. 

I'm still oddly lucky because despite all these mishaps I never had to stay in the hospital. And that's a big thing for me. I dread having to stay in the hospital especially during this time. You also don't really get enough rest at the hospital since they check on you every other hour. So I'm grateful that I'm able to hold up even with my complicated body. 

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do some tests. I hope and pray that the tests would be positive and help me with my quest to reduce my medication. If it works out it means I'll probably get off one of my medications next week! This medication has a lot of side effects. I think I can only get better when I stop taking it. We'll see :)

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