Saturday, November 21, 2020

All I Want for Christmas

I was looking forward to being with family this year for Christmas. It breaks my heart that we won't be able to go home this year. It's going to be too risky for me and our time will be eaten up being quarantined in a hotel going home and coming back. The hotel stay plus the medical tests will also be expensive. My Mom also told me she doesn't any one of us to travel for now. 

My prayer for this Christmas is for all families to be in their own homes, safe and complete. I hope by then everyone who went through pain in the last few months would be settled and happy again. I've been watching the news and the outpouring of help back home. I hope the bayanihan happening at home will soon bring everyone back to their homes. 

All I want for Christmas is that and good health for me and my family. I'm doing some tests next week. I hope the tests will prove to my doctors that I can get off one of my maintenance medications. My physiotherapist warned me if it's removed I need to be aware how it may affect my body. So we'll be taking it slow for the next few weeks. 

A lot of my friends told me that they're not in the mood for Christmas. I felt like that last year. I didn't even decorate for Christmas last year even though I was on break. I thought I'd make up for it this year. I brought out my decors last October and started my Christmas project early. I hope my friends would like what I made for them since it's made with love. 

As usual I'm delayed with my project and the box going home is going to be picked up by Monday already. Accccck! I'm torn between sending it now or sending a smaller box next week. I'll decide tomorrow. Many years ago I was so good planning for Christmas. I have everything prepared really early. I've become sluggish the last few years since I've been getting sick in-between. Oh well, will do my best for now. 

Anyhoo, it's 34 days before Christmas. Do you have anything planned? 

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