Friday, November 13, 2020

Look Up and Take a Break

The last few weeks have been more stressful than usual. My body has been rebelling from the stress probably. My doctor said my blood test showed my immune system is angry about something. I think regular work stress plus worrying about the typhoons just got the better of me and wore down my body. 

My Kuya told me once when you're starting to wallow in negativity look up! Try it! Looking up helps break whatever it is you are worrying about. 

Disclaimer: This photo was taken 13 years ago!

So tonight I'm blogging from a higher floor and watching water instead of trees. We booked this break a month ago. We both needed it and I hope this short break would help calm down my whole being. 

I think the break is working. I'm watching blinking lights from a distance and it's hypnotizing me (it's been an hour since I started this post haha). My brain is having a hard time stringing words together! 

Anyhoo, I also learned a lesson from what's been happening the last few weeks. I need to learn to recognize early signs of distress and I should take a break when needed. Sometimes I push myself too hard. I need to remind myself that I need to take care of myself better if I want to be able to function better. 

So, look up and take a break. 

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