Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Buffet, I Miss You!

 I need good vibes today so I thought it would be good to think about a happy family memory. I just watched a video of a couple celebrating a birthday at a favorite buffet place back home. Buffet! 

And that promptly triggered a lot of happy memories with my family. That's one of our guilty pleasures... eating buffet! That's what we do normally for birthdays or when Kuya comes over to visit. The last time we ate at a buffet was in January with my cousins. We didn't get enough of it we again went out a few days later and Tito Louie ordered so much food it felt like we were back at the buffet place. 

When my Kuya comes over to visit we always eat at a Japanese buffet place. There's several of them here in Singapore. It's more fun to eat at a buffet when we're a huge group. I remember we even ate the day before my heart surgery (yup, buffet is life!). Having my nephews and nieces around makes the trip more sulit haha. 

I like the Japanese buffet places here in Singapore because it easier to choose food. The buffet places back home offer a lot of different cuisines and it's always hard to choose what to it. The last buffet place we ate at was at "The Alley by Vikings" at BGC. The place was huge and had every food imaginable. Even before leaving we were already planning another trip. Here's a video of our visit last January --

My friends have not been spared from our buffet visits. We find different excuses to have them try it too, haha. It's one of our happy places. We do it sparingly (must watch the weight!), so that's probably why it's always fun and memorable. 

I hope all the buffet places survive this situation we are in today. I hope they'll still be around when everything is safe again. It's one of the things I miss most (I'm sure my doctor won't agree hehe). 

What about you? Does your family like eating at buffet restaurants?

*Just some of my fave buffet places

Singapore - Kuishin Bo, Buffet Town, Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Manila - The Alley by Vikings, Dad's (of course!), La Fiesta

Sydney - Harvest Buffet

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