Sunday, November 29, 2020

Beautiful Lazy Sunday

Sunday is rest day. Slept in and finally got up at noon since I wanted some coffee. Ate oatmeal and a half a bagel while drinking coffee and then tended to my plants. 

Most of my plants are dead now. Yup! They lived beautifully for a few months, but when I started getting sick I couldn't take care of them the way I used to. I had to treat them weekly so keep the bugs away. It takes a lot of effort from my end and when I got sick a few weeks ago I wasn't able to fight the pest anymore. I finally got to remove some of the dead ones today. It'll take a few more days for me to clean up the pots and then I'll think about re-planting. Maybe I should plant more mustasa since the bugs hate it hehe. 

Took a shower and then heated up all our leftovers for buffet Sunday. That's what we usually do on weekends. After eating we just settled on the couch and watched videos. I was going to work on my quilting project, but I just decided to rest. Tomorrow will be a work day and I'm sure I have a gazillion mails waiting in my inbox. I also need to make a quick run to my doctor. Tomorrow he will decided whether it's the right time to remove one of my medications. 

I can't believe it's the last day of November already tomorrow. The month just flew by, although this is not one of my favorite months since I unexpectedly got sick. I'm grateful to be alive and hope this impasse can eventually get resolved. 

How was your weekend?

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