Saturday, November 28, 2020

Started Working on my TB Bucketlist

A few years ago we got lost and ended up in a MRT station far away from our home. We went out and ended up at a Toast Box branch located by the station. I got curious and checked how many Toast Box branches there are in Singapore. At that time I think there were only 50. I thought about visiting all the Toast Box branches across the island. 

Got so busy and I never got around to starting it. I told a friend about the plan a few months ago and he said he wanted to join me on my quest. I checked last night and found out there are 70 Toast Box branches across Singapore now. I'm not sure how many branches I've been to already so we started the quest today at a branch I've never been to -- Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

We wanted to go to one that had outdoor seating, but I couldn't find any. The last time I visited Tiong Bahru was over ten years ago probably. I usually just pass through it on the way to another location. The shop was located at Tiong Bahru Plaza. It had quite a lot of seats inside and is a cozy place for meeting up with friends. We spent a good hour eating merienda and catching up. 

With the crew at ToastBox Funan (c. 2017).

I just took a look at the list and it looks like I have been to a number of branches in the North, South and Central area of Singapore. Not much from the East and West part. It'll probably take time before I complete all the 70 branches since it seems I have to limit my movement for now and rest. It was fun though to finally start something that's been on my to-do list for a long time now. 

Have you tried my Toast Box peanut butter cookies?

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