Sunday, November 22, 2020

Balikbayan Box Time!

When I was growing up Titay used to send us balikbayan boxes from the US. I would always be around Mom when she'd unbox the giant package. I don't know about you, but all the balikbayan boxes we got always smelled like freshly laundered clothes. It smells so good! 

My colleagues in other countries were always baffled about why I always have to buy stuff to bring back home. They would always ask why buy chocolates, canned goods etc. when most of these things you can buy back home anyway. I told them that it's customary for us to buy something for our loved ones back home. It can be a bag of chocolate, socks, toys, canned goods etc. We do that to share our experience with our love ones and to let them know they were in our thoughts when we were away. 

It is common for Filipinos living abroad to send a balikbayan box back home. Balikbayan means to go back to one's home country. Sending a box back home is like sending a part of you from abroad. It's a care package. To be honest in the nine years I've been in Singapore it was only this year I finally sent a box home. I never needed to since I used to go home a lot. My suitcase would always be full of pasalubongs whenever I go home. 

Building up a balikbayan box takes time. I buy additional things whenever I order groceries. My online shopping mostly consists of quilting materials for my Mom. I got her fabric, rulers, binding materials, thread etc. via Lazada. For Miggy it's mostly books and some of his favorite food. We also decided to send back all his clothes that are here so he can use it in Manila. 

We just finished re-packing our box. Originally we were going to send it via LBC, but I was chasing them in October and never got a proper response. My former housemate said I should just use Jolly-B since they're more reliable. Finally sending the box tomorrow. It probably won't reach in time for Christmas (huhu). I just hope it reaches them all in one piece. 

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