Sunday, April 16, 2023

Miracle Sundays: Ask and You Shall Receive

After a recent meltdown, Sweetie asked me if I was still praying for healing. I realized I had downsized my prayers to be stable everyday and have the energy to at least water the plants. I had been praying for more stamina so I could do more chores at home. I did start to have more energy last month but I was plagued with food poisoning, twice. That started me going on a downhill trend. It culminated with a meltdown. 

It took almost two weeks before I fully recovered from food poisoning. I was flat on my back for a few days. The consequence was retaining more fluid and my legs started to swell. It is painful and you have to act fast so it doesn't end up in CHF. I knew the drill and focused on praying. I fervently prayed to be healed, most especially since we had a scheduled vacation coming up. 

I was able to sustain my stamina throughout the vacation (with naps when needed). I was happy because I wanted my boys and my friends not to worry. One thing i was concerned about though was leaving my plants without water. Miggy and I experimented and prepared a self watering system for our potted plants. It took two weeks before we found a solution that worked (read about it on yesterday's blog post).

The summer heat though has been unbearable. We also only covered the potted plants. We watered the bigger plants diligently and I asked God a favor - to provide some rain midweek so the plants won't die. He did not only send rain, but He sent the first typhoon of the year. It's been raining everyday since Wednesday. The plants are well watered and the potted conserved their bottled water. 

I realized, don't minimize your asks from Him. I only asked for some midweek watering, but He gave much more than that. It made me realize that I should not lose hope, no matter what my doctors say. I got so excited about it and sent my cardiologist a photo of me paddle boarding. He had told me many times that he is amazed with how I could bounce back. It is a miracle, he said. That memory makes me smile because I know he isn't a religious person.

Ask and you shall receives. :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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