Saturday, April 15, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: How to Water Your Plants When You're on Vacation

I experimented on different methods of self-watering systems for plants. I first tried the string irrigation system. It didn't work for me. Then I bought self watering spikes. It was hard to use since I had to find a water bottle that would fit the spike. It worked, but the water would usually be used up in a day. I had terracotta watering spikes. It didn't last that long too. 

I just gave up and I would just overwater my plants before leaving. We got lucky a few times when it rained. It's bad though for the plant since it makes it unstable. It's been very hot the past few weeks, so I thought I'd try again. I researched again and found an easy alternative - just stick a water bottle in the pot.

I first asked Miggy to bore some holes on the bottle cap. Filled up the bottle with water. The secret though is to water the plant well before putting on the bottle. The soil should be wet when you add the bottle for this to work. The soil would take a sip of the water when it starts drying up. 

The bottle starts crumpling when the plant sips the water.

I noticed there were some plants that easily get more thirsty than others. I switched bottle sizes depending on how much water the plant wants. Best bottle are the ones from Wendy's. They're pretty sturdy and doesn't crumple easily when the plant starts sipping the water. 

With the summer heat, I think adding self-watering bottles to your plants help keep them healthy. I used it on a plant we recently transplanted and I saw how fast it adjusted. The plant was severely dehydrated because it was too hot where it was located. The leaves were drying up already and I thought it would not survive. After adding a water bottle, it started to grow new leaves. I'll keep the self-watering bottles on the plants even when I'm just home. The heat has been really bad and it's a good way to keep them hydrated. 

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