Friday, April 21, 2023

Lakwatsera Fridays: 5 Reasons to Stay at Manami Resort

We recently had a short vacation in a newly opened resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Manami Resort (softly) opened on March 18, 2023 and was on its third week when we visited. A friend found out about the resort and she organized the trip together with a few more friends. To fit all of us we got the 2-bedroom villa and a one-bedroom villa. 

It took almost 5 hours by land from Bacolod. We stopped over in Kabankalan to grab a quick bite. The ride was pretty bumpy (van suspension issues) and we were surprised by the many zigzag roads (haha). I obviously never traveled by land in this area of Negros (the opposite side was very different). The road was long and winding, but we were blown away from the entrance of the resort. Like, WOW. 

Here's top 5 reasons on why you should go on vacation at Manami Resort:

1. The views are AMAZING. The beach is essentially a cove and flanked by three islands, Maasin III, Maasin II and Maasin I (hidden behind Maasin II). I could just stare at the beach all day. 

2. The villas are perfect. You could tell that they did not scrimp on costs when they built the villas and common areas. We loved the 2-bedroom villa because the rooms and bathrooms were big. It also came with a kitchen area, a dining table and a huge living room. We were also surprised because it had an infinity dipping pool and a long balcony where we got to enjoy the view. 

3. You will also certainly be distracted by their restaurant, Lingaw. The menu was limited, but the food is delicious and filling. You should certainly try their adobo, seafood pasta, the tomahawk, waldorf salad, their fries and I also really liked the kid's bolognese. The staff were all very helpful, friendly and courteous*.

4. The sunset and their flora and fauna. The sunset was beautiful all the days we were there and the sky was painted with hues of orange, pink and violet. The resort is a plantita paradise. All the plants and trees are well cared for. They even had variegated alocasia odora plants and the calatheas outside our villa were super healthy. I mentioned fauna because they had peacocks and peahens across the resort. There were also a lot of beautiful birds we don't get to see in Manila. 

5. It is the best place to rest and relax. There is no telco signal, but they have internet**. Sorry if I missed any calls/SMS last week! I spent most of my time offline and I enjoyed doing nothing. Spent my time chatting with friends, staring at the view, swimming and eating. We also had a relaxing body massage and body scrub in the most beautiful spa I have been to in my life. 

How I wish we didn't have to go home! The fresh air was really good for me. Maybe we should vacay more often eh? Heehee.   

It's very hard to choose photos for this post, so please go watch my vlog to see what I'm writing about!

Thank you to all the staff for taking care of us! :)

*They were still a bit nervous since they just opened a few weeks ago. I'm sure they'll get the hang of it soon.

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