Saturday, April 8, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: Harvested Parsley from My Garden

Planted some parsley seeds last September. I honestly forgot about it since I thought it was one of the carrot pots, haha. It just kept growing and has been very resilient. We moved all my plants to a corner in the garage because of the garden renovation. The leaves of the veggies shrank so I decided to move them where they can get better sunlight. That's when I realized one of the pots was full of parsley.

The recipe I tried last night required for some fresh parsley. Went to the garden and snipped off some parsley to use for dinner. I was so happy I was able to grow something useful in my garden. I planted the seeds last September. I added home-made compost to the soil and placed it in a sunny spot. Watered it whenever the soil was dry. I spray it with neem oil weekly and I guess insects don't like it. I read it's quite resilient to drought. 

I think I'll grow another pot of parsley since it's something I use often. I hope to set up a veggie row just outside the kitchen. It's a nice area to grow veggies. Maybe this time around I'd be able to grow mustasa again :)

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