Saturday, April 22, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: Left My Plants for a Week

Installing a simple self-watering system on our potted plants was a gamble. Miggy and I did several experiments for a week to see how it would work. We were quite satisfied with the results, so we planted water bottles in all our potted plants. My worries for our ground planted plants vanished since it continuously rained due to the typhoon. The potted plants though were sheltered in the garage, so I had to rely on the self-watering system. 

Our flight got delayed, so we got home past midnight. I checked the potted plants and was relieved to see they were all alright. The next day I checked each on closely and was surprised that most of them still had a lot of water. I guess they really just sip the water they need. 

The biggest pot in the lot is my curry tree (not neem tree as what the nursery told me). I thought it would finish the water in just a few days. It just drank about 40% of the water in the bottle.

And the flowers have started to become curry berries. It's really interesting to see since this is my first time to grow a curry tree. I also noticed it grew more shoots towards the bottom of the plant. I'm just going to keep it in the pot since I don't know where I could plant it to grow bigger. 

The aglaonema is the only plant that finished it's water. When Miggy and I did our experiment it barely drank any water. I guess it got really thirsty during the week. The petunia in the same pot when we got home was about to bloom some flowers. I'm glad they were both okay even though the bottle was empty when we got home. 

The other potted plants fared well. I think I'm going to leave the bottle in for the rest of the summer. This way I don't overwater the plants (which I tend to do). I'll just refill the bottle and water the pot when the soil is dry. 

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