Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Pinterest Inspired Cat Quilt

I wanted to learn odd-shape quilting. I see a lot of advanced quilters doing this. I wanted to learn because I want to explore making themed quilts. I also wanted to improve my skills outside of making block quilts. I started my learning journey by making mug rugs. Eventually, I looked for something more challenging on Pinterest. 

A cute cat quilt caught my eye on Pinterest. I liked the colors and it looked like something I could make. I couldn't access the website associated with it and couldn't get a pattern. My "drawing" skills was put to the test when I made the pattern. I wanted to make a bag out of it. I hand quilted the project and it turned out okay. I still use the bag every so often. 

The inspiration on the left and the bag I made on the right.

I'm working on the projects I listed early this year and thought I'd try making the cat design again. I'm going to use it as the face for a kitchen project. It was much easier to make now since I've had practice. I really enjoy doing some embroidery in my projects. Here's how I put it together -

I plan to try other pins I picked on Pinterest in the coming weeks. Hope to finish my kitchen project by end of summer. After that I'll move on to other projects I listed on my wish list. 

Pattern and measurements available at:

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