Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Hand Quilted Essential Oil Case

I've been meaning to make an essential oil case since Ninang Jane gave me my first one a few years ago. I use the EO case whenever I go out and I set it aside two weeks ago so I could measure it. Of course, it promptly went MIA. Well, it pushed me to finally make a new one. 

After finding some leftover fabric from my KitchenAid quilt cover project, I decided to hand quilt the case. My craft room is still a mess, so sewing by hand was my best bet to finish it. The first one I made took two days to finish. I had to figure out how to piece it together properly. I was quite satisfied with my prototype, so I made three more for friends. It took me two to three hours to finish one*, but I could only make one a day to save me from joint pain (hehe). 

I enjoyed making this project. Small projects that are easy to finish is really satisfying. I needed to do this to relax and calm down (March was quite challenging). I also needed to get back in my quilting groove since I haven't quilted since January. I set up a sewing corner in our bedroom and soon enough our floor looked like a craft room (sorry Sweetie). 

Here's how I made the essential oil case:

Pattern available at

*Depends on distractions

#BeKind #StaySafe

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