Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Wellness Wednesday: Gladiator in Shorts

Saw a post by Jonathan Yabut last night and it was a good reminder to pat yourself on your back for all the challenges you have conquered. Here's what he said -

I have exchanged all my "suits" for shorts though so I'm a gladiator in shorts! I woke up today feeling re-energized. I went through a lot of challenges this year, but I conquered them. One thing I realized which is key to keeping well is to let go the things you cannot control. 

One thing that weighed me down was the grief of losing my siblings. I didn't realize I've been carrying it in my heart since I was a child. I always wondered back then why I was sad during Christmas. It was where my abandonment issues started. The sadness only eased when I had Miggy and when our family was completed by Sweetie. Still, the grief stayed in my heart. 

I finally realized that my siblings, both >10 years older than me were already ready to fly the nest by the time I was in fourth grade. They both left and married and had their own family to take care of. I was so young and didn't understand why they weren't around anymore. Rarely saw them through the years, but I was able to cope and do well on my own. 

We were brought up by our parents to be independent. I'm grateful for that because I was able to make it without relying on anyone. That's what I'm patting my back for and a good reminder that there are many blessings that you miss seeing when you focus on grief and things you cannot control. Just let it go and be grateful for what you have and remember God will never abandon you. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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