Thursday, December 22, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Eraserheads Concert

The biggest Eraserheads Concert, Ang Huling El Bimbo is happening tonight! How I wish I could watch, but it'll be too overwhelming for me and I would probably not survive, haha. I've always enjoyed listening to their songs since they became popular in the 90's. I listen to their songs a couple of times a month and my one of my favorite Christmas songs is "Fruitcake". 

Singapore 2013

The last time I got to watch the Eheads in person was in Singapore. It was the same year when I had heart surgery and I used it as a motivation to get better. The concert was organized very well, so I didn't have any difficulty. Our friends from the Philippines, Karla, Karla's Dad, and Sha joined us. I also dragged along my niece, Carissa, and, of course, Sweetie and Miggy were there too. 

Majority of the concert goers were, of course, Pinoys. We were a rowdy bunch much to the consternation of the locals hehe. I noticed they're pretty proper when watching concerts (i.e. BSB). They only go up and dance towards the end of the concert. Throughout the Eheads concert in SG, the ushers would restrain people from standing up. They eventually gave up haha. 

Our pancit canton loving friend, Arnel, was one of the organizers of the Eheads concert. We got lucky because he included us in the meet and greet. He knew it was an achievement for me to watch the concert months after OHS (haha), so he included us in the post-concert meet and greet. I was so happy to meet them. 

We were in high spirits after the concert, but hungry! Ended up at Changi Airport to eat dinner. Karla's Dad+ was so happy too, he treated all of us, haha. It's a good happy memory. If you're curious how the Singapore concert went, here's one of the songs they performed -

Hope everyone who is watching the concert tonight will enjoy and be safe!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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