Saturday, December 10, 2022

Mom at 87! Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my Mom's 87th birthday! We planned a simple celebration at home. We didn't have the fanfare we had last year. No backdrop and balloons because our house is currently a huge mess due to the renovation. We appropriately ended up in the craft room. The four of us squeezed in the tiny room to eat a sumptuous early dinner on my sewing table. 

Miggy had to convince Mom to come. She was, as usual, lazy to go out. Of course, the apo won her over and Sweetie went out to pick her up. She was in high spirits when she arrived and was excited to eat. We ordered food ahead of time, so we immediately started eating when she arrived. 

Mom has been telling stories of her youth lately. She mentioned Camp Capinpin again. She said she'd spend time there during summer vacation. I asked her how come she never brought us there. I told her maybe it looks so much different now. We tend started to watch some videos of Camp Capinpin and she said she probably just finished elementary school the last time she was there. 

We then shifted to watching some driving and walking tours of Naga City. Ahh, that was more familiar for her. When the video showed Bichara Mall, she said that when they were in HS one of their friends was the son of the owner. They got to watch movies for free even though they were a huge group, haha. She also remembered the area where they used to do bicycle races. I asked her how they were able to escape Mama Lola, haha. 

I'm so lucky to still have my Mom and I'm truly grateful that she's strong for her age (she's stronger than me!). Her memory isn't as good anymore, but I enjoy hearing about older memories she never shared before. She's the best Mom, despite my inconsistencies she understands me the most. 

Love you Mom! As you said, you outlived them all even though you were the most sickly among your siblings. Let's go for 100! 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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