Monday, December 26, 2022

13 Years!

Happy anniversary to the sweetest, most loving and patient husband in the whole wide universe!


The only plan we did to celebrate today was to decide whether to eat the leftovers for lunch or dinner, haha. We're still busy organizing our home. I've been focusing on the kitchen and Sweetie spent time in the service kitchen and laundry. Miggy is still under the weather and semi-isolating*. 

We had a good day and will probably find something special to do in the next few days. Our priority though is to hopefully clear out the boxes in time for new year. Progress in the kitchen has been very slow because I've been trying to wash everything (alikabok all over!). Stove is also not working, but at least my 10-year old Philips induction stove still works! Oven isn't safe to use for now. We'll get there in time :)

Oh, so I did some research. Traditionally, 13th anniversary gift is lace. For modern times it's fur or textiles. Me likey! Haha. 

*He's past the "contagious" period for flu, so he's been eating with us.

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