Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday Miracles: The Journey with Mama Mary

The other day I had the privilege to be part of the launch of the Mama Mary and Her Children Book 7. I was very nervous because I didn't know if my stamina would last that long. What made it worse was I woke up with severe back pain. It took a few moments before I could stand up from bed (Sweetie had to support me). 

I immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower. Our call time was 45 minutes before the start of the launch. I prayed to Mama Mary to give me strength since I was assigned to host the post-launch socials (still online, of course). I was running late and I had to squeeze in grabbing a bite because I had meds to take. Finished taking my meds just as we went live. 

Fr. Dennis Paez, SDB, said in his sharing that Mama Mary calls on those she wants to serve. I've been having a difficult time health-wise, but when Rowie asked me to help with last minute editing I immediately said yes. I was called to help for a Mama Mary project over ten years ago, but I wasn't ready. Through the years though I've felt the gap of not being able to serve. We tried to volunteer in a church in SG, but our application was passed over. I guess it wasn't the right time too. 

When I was reflecting on my next steps early last year after being diagnosed with a PE. I asked God what is my next mission. I have a lot of physical limitations, so I wasn't really sure what I could do to serve. It was through a lot of prayer and faith that I managed to finish reviewing the book in 72 hours (minus 24 hours because I got sick within that 72 hours). 

And I felt everything will be alright with Mama Mary by my side. 

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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