Monday, December 12, 2022

Home on Mondays: How We Dealt with Broken Tiles

The saga of our home woes continue. About four months after we moved in, we noticed the kitchen tiles in front of the sink started to become loose. Few days later it broke. We immediately reported it since the house was still under warranty. Took a bit of time before it was inspected. 

We were told that it needed to be replaced. Few weeks passed and we were informed that the tiles were no longer available. The extra ones we had were already used to replace other tiles across the house. Months passed, no action was taken. We avoided stepping on the broken tile, but it was hard because it's right in front of the kitchen sink. Eventually, the tiles beside it loosened up and started to break. 

More than half a year passed and no action was taken by the contractor. They had promised to fix it, but nothing happened. The rest of the kitchen also started to deteriorate (termites + ceiling leak + electrical issues). For our safety we decided to get an architectural firm to help us. We eventually decided to renovate the kitchen because we didn't know if the stench was coming from the drain, the tile or elsewhere. 

Since the tile wasn't available anymore, we decided to re-tile. The foreman removed the broken tile to figure out what was wrong, plus it was unsafe to walk on. The plan was to save the tiles that will be removed so it can be used to fix other areas. Manong Efren and Kuya Gary carefully removed the tiles. They gave feedback that the tiles were not installed correctly that's why they loosened up. 

We thought the floor issue was just in the kitchen, but the tiles bordering the dining room also started popping up. The strange thing is the tiles by the front door also went up by itself. We couldn't open the front door after that. The workers also showed us that the tiles were curved already. The quality was really bad. 

Architect, the foreman and the project manager all breathed a sign of relief when we told them that we'll just change the flooring. The process to try to save the tiles was going to be harder, plus the tiles in the basement also started to pop up too. The tiles are also slippery and you could trip from the ones that popped up. Sadly, we'll likely have to re-tile also our basement since the tiles are progressively loosening up. 

The kitchen tiles have been replaced now, thanks to Mang Efren, Kuya Gary and Foreman Tukoy. The tiles architect chose are perfect for the kitchen since it's not slippery. It should also hopefully be easy to clean. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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