Friday, December 2, 2022

Lakwatsera Fridays: First Time at Alabang West Parade

We're usually hungry after buying some groceries at Landers. We usually go on a weekday to avoid the crowd, but since we're tied up with renovations we only had time to go last Sunday (after a full month of just being home!). 

We normally buy some food before going home, but the queue was so long we decided to check out the Alabang West Parade. We saw it when we went to Landers for the first time last month and was curious to check it out. We immediately checked if there were any good places to dine at via Google Maps.

Boy it was hard to make a u-turn from the gasoline station. They should probably place a traffic light in the area for safety (and remove that McDonald's signage since it's blocking the view of drivers). We eventually found ourselves at Alabang West Parade. 

We were so hungry and went in the first resto that was almost empty. The place housed two restos, Bad Bird and Tsuke-men. Miggy got some umami chicken. I had gyudon (their best seller) and Sweetie had Japanese curry. We were so excited because it was first family lunch out. We used to do that after hearing mass before in Singapore before Miggy went back home. Good thing it was an odd time to eat lunch so the resto was pretty empty. 

After eating we went around and checked out what else was open. We went to UCC to check out their coffee, but it was full so I immediately went out after looking at the menu. They have eggs benedict! It's one thing that's been hard to find here, so we'll likely go back one of these days. Milk tea lovers would be happy to hear there's Macao Imperial Tea. I noticed though there was a number of steak places, Brotzeit and Wolfgage (obviously their target market is very different). There's Mama Lou's if you want pasta and several new places have just opened too. Got some peppermit mocha frap (non-fat!) just before we left. 

Alabang West Parade is a nice new place to explore. They have a number of these smaller resto/shopping nooks across Alabang (at least two between West Gate and Filinvest). It reminds me of neighborhoods in the US where they have a row of stores. Near AWB is a market where you can buy fresh seafood. Lots of places to explore!

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