Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Date Day

We finally went out today to do some groceries and we managed to squeeze in some time to celebrate our anniversary. Oh boy, we didn't expect there would be so many cars parked at Landers. It was still a comfortable crowd inside since the Superstore is huge! 

We first had some breakfast. Sat by the window to be extra socially distant to other diners. We enjoyed the sunlight shining through the windows. It wasn't warm at all plus we got free vitamin D. After breakfast we walked through the store for 2 hours. I'm surprised myself we took that long. I think that's what happens when you don't have a grocery list! Skipped buying veggies because they were so expensive! We'll just buy at a nearby veggie stall.

We burnt off our breakfast while walking around the store, so we were hungry by the time we finished. Headed to West Gate for late lunch and chanced upon Conti's upon entering the area. Parking was also available and I didn't have energy to walk far anymore haha. Turned out great since we haven't eaten at Conti's resto for (probably) more than six years. We finally got the chance to eat salmon! (How come they're so horridly expensive here in the grocery???). 

It was a great meal and rare time to be out haha. You truly appreciate things more when you rarely go out. Still need to be careful, so we're back to hibernating again. Tomorrow is another day to clean and organize the kitchen, haha.

Have an awesome hump day tomorrow!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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