Thursday, December 15, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Water's Edge

I love how Google Photos collates my photos. Today it put together a collection of places where I've been on water's edge. It was a joy to see the different places I've been to. Some were piers, tiny ports at beaches. Most memorable was Samal Island and the San Francisco pier where seals bask in the sun. 

I asked Miggy if he had a choice, would he live by the beach or on a mountain. He said it would be hard. We both grew up in the city, so it's quite hard to think about living elsewhere. I've been thinking about it again because of the bad air quality the past few months. 

Best place to breathe in fresh air is at the beach. There is always a breeze, so the air is cleansed often. I remember when we went to Bohol I was concerned about my stamina. I did so much better when we were there probably because I could breathe better. 

The beautiful photos that were collated remind me of the breeze whenever I'm close to water. It's something I miss a lot. We are not able to go on vacation for now, need to prioritize other things (a.k.a. adulting). In time, we'll be able to feel the breeze by the water's edge again. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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