Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hello Guardian Angel

We finally ventured out today to hear mass. We had to walk slow since my breathing hasn't been good the past week. I'm thankful though I haven't gotten sick and pray that those nearer the Taal Volcano are coping.

The priest asked us a question during his homily, "Will your guardian angel be proud or ashamed to report to Jesus that you've allowed him/her to take care of you?" I thought his question was going to be about being naughty or nice haha. I've always allowed my guardian angel to take care of me. "H" probably has been having a hard time with me because I sometimes ask him to go watch over Sweetie or Miggy when I'm worried. Double duty!

It was my Mom who told me I had a guardian angel. In fact "Angel of God" was the first prayer I learned and I still say it every night before I sleep. My Mom used to stay beside me until I fell asleep and we'd pray together before I went to sleep. It's one of my most cherished memories and that's probably why I rely on my guardian angel until today.

Now I have a full battalion of angels watching over me from heaven - Daddy, my titos and titas, and friends. Here on earth I also have a lot of angels watching over me. One special one recently sent me a N95 mask when she found out I didn't have any. Miggy has been my angel also since he was born and he's been making sure I'm okay (and well fed) everyday. I am grateful everyday for the love they give.

What about you? Do you allow your guardian angel to take care of you?

*Today is my Daddy's 9th death anniversary. Please say a short prayer for him.
**The photo above is one of the angels lining up the path to the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.

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  1. Prayed for our departed loved ones earlier during mass. I also prayed for you and for your health. I am lucky you have several angels looking after you. Sorry I couldn't be an angel for you during these challenging times being far away. I hope my prayers will suffice for now.