Saturday, January 18, 2020

Do What Makes You Happy

This post is inspired by a bag. Yup, a bag I got from my favorite fabric place - Spotlight.

Since I was a child my Mom always kept me busy. Every summer she'd teach me a new craft. I'd spend afternoons under a tree in her garden, sewing, making straw bags, quilting, painting boxes etc. So in school my favorite subject was home economics (limited to sewing/crafts -- I hated cooking back then). I drew the line though in sewing clothes. My Mom too. It was my Mama Lola who was great with the sewing machine.

I could stay home for many days without getting cabin fever as long as I can keep my hands busy. I have a number of hobbies that I work on. The past few years I've been focusing on quilting. I quilt by hand, but lately since I've been making larger projects so I've started to use my sewing machine more.

Here are some of the projects I've worked on -

Wonder Woman quilt blanket as a wedding gift.

Baby quilt for a friend who had a miracle baby.

I made a number of this (customized) as a Christmas gift.

One of the first pillowcases I made for home use.

A Wonder Woman bag for a friend (purely hand quilted!).

I haven't sewn anything this year yet, but I have a project I'm progressing on. I'll probably start on it when I get back to Singapore. 

Quilting is one of the things that make me happy. I bring projects with me whenever I travel and sew inflight. I realized that I want to do so many things, but have limited time so set aside some of the projects for now. 

What about you? What do you do that makes you happy?

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