Friday, January 3, 2020

Can't Live Without Pinoy Food

Since I got home a few weeks ago I've been eating more Pinoy dishes. One of the drawbacks about living abroad is the availability of more Filipino food options. There's a Filipino food stall in the mall near our home, but they have limited options. Here's a few favorites I've been nomnoming on again and again the last few weeks -

Barbecue (pork/tuna/hotdog)

Grilled bangus

Chicken (lechon manok/Don Hen buffalo wings/Max's fried chicken)

Kwek-kwek, fishball / other street food


Silog (tocilog/tapsilog/longsilog)

Bakery Goods like Goldilocks/Red Ribbon/Becky's Kitchen (ensaymada, mamon and other yummy pastries



 Makati Supermart spaghetti

Banana snacks (turon and banana cue)

Pinoy breakfast bread (Pandesal and Spanish bread)

Fruit shakes (mango especially)

Baked scallops (my fave is from AA BBQ in Cebu)

Ube from Good Shepherd

I would have included adobo, sinigang and Jollibee on the list, but I can cook adobo and sinigang and there's now 6 Jollibee branches in Singapore. I could think of a gazillion other dishes and snacks, but the ones I've mentioned are the ones top of mind for now.

What about you? If you're a Filipino living abroad, what other dishes/snacks/Pinoy food you wish was easily available?

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