Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Now Let's Drink Some Flowers

Sweetie loves drinking tea. I prefer to drink milk tea so my experience with drinking tea is limited to the usual ones - oolong tea at Chinese restos, lemon & ginger when I have a sore throat, grean tea and peppermint. Sweetie though has a huge collection of tea at home (it spills over to his office desk) because I always buy for him whenever I travel. I'm not allowed to buy any for now since he still has a lot to finish for the next two years (hahaha).

Last December I headed up to Baguio City with Miguel since I needed some fresh, cool air to clear my head and kick off my rest journey. We spent a couple of days there just eating-sleeping-eating-and sleeping some more. I caught a cold so had to rest more hehe. My friend, Vince, saved us from just hibernating at the hotel.

This time around we got to try a few new places in the city: (1) Chaya Japanese restaurant; (2) The Barn; and (3) Flower Cafe. The food at Chaya was absolutely delicious and filling. The servings were huge and I ended up having to take away some of the food. The Barn is situated in the outskirts of Baguio. It was a bit of a trek for me to head down to the restaurant (and back up after eating!), but the food was amazing and the place was so pretty. Vince said it's usually very cold there in the evening since it's situated on a cliff.

Baguio travel diary 2019 (please watch!)

We had a great experience at the Flower Cafe. We tried out flower tea. I was too fascinated watching the barista I missed hearing what flowers we tried. The tea was tasty and very refreshing. Aside from the tea I tried the coffee with cherry blossom. The beverages I tried at Flower Cafe can be described as "happiness in cups". There's just something about drinking flowers that freshens up your soul. I hope Sweetie still has some of the sakura tea I bought for him in Japan heehee.  

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