Sunday, January 12, 2020

Taal Volcano Erupts

Taal Volcano had a phreatic eruption this afternoon. Miguel and I were out to hear mass and buy some supplies so I monitored the situation. On the way home I promptly started having an asthma attack. Before Miguel locked me in the house we collected our newly laundered clothes from the roof deck. I remembered back in 1991 when Mt. Pinatubo erupted and we experienced really bad ashfall in Metro Manila.

View from home around 6pm just before the ash started falling.

My lungs are already a mess from years of experiencing haze so please, please stay indoors and wear a mask. If you do not have a mask (like me!) you may use a a wet towel (or clothing) to cover your nose and mouth. Do not mouth breathe because you may be breathing in smaller particles that are really bad for your lungs.

Our balcony around 11pm. This is nothing compared to those 
who are in the surrounding areas of Taal.

Here are important reminders from the Philippine Red Cross -

Back in 1991 we only got information from TV or radio, we have a lot of sources now but please make sure to get information from the right sources. Here's a list -

PHIVOLCS Twitter, Facebook, Website
Philippine Red Cross Twitter, Facebook, Website
*Always handy to have an old radio which can work with batteries

If you are feeling unwell and cannot breathe, please go to the nearest hospital/clinic.

And don't forget to pray.

Take care everyone. 

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