Sunday, January 5, 2020

Best Buffet Experience Ever!

We finally had a chance to get together with family yesterday and decided to try out a new buffet place we heard about from some YouTubers. Eating at a buffet place solves the issue of individual food preferences and dietary restrictions so we thought it was a good idea to try it out for our family get together.

Arrived bright and early at The Alley by Vikings in BGC and we all just took a tour of the place first to check out what kind of dishes they had available. It was honestly so hard to choose since there were so many options. Sweetie and I started with some Japanese food. The salmon and tuna sushi were really fresh and a good starting point.

It was a struggle to choose what to eat, but I was magnetized by the sisig with mayonnaise (this is how they usually prepare it in Visayas and Mindanao) and I wanted to try out the bagnet. My mistake was pairing it with adobo rice and soon enough I was full! The bagnet was perfect and I can't stop thinking about it until now (haha). I managed to try the pizza and pasta and would've loved to eat more if I wasn't full already from the sisig and bagnet. I skipped the Chinese and Thai dishes since that's always available in Singapore.

Video round-up of the yummy food at The Alley by Vikings

When I get a chance to eat there again I already have a list of what I'll try out - the salads, salisbury steak sizzling plate, quesadilla and I'll probably try some of the Chinese dishes too. For dessert I focused on the puto bungbong since I've been craving for it for some time now, but I'd like to try the cheesecakes and pastries. And yeah the coffee was good too. 

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