Monday, January 13, 2020

Pray for Philippines

I couldn't sleep last night because I was worried especially for my Mom. I was also checking updates throughout the night. By afternoon today I had to take a nap since I was feeling unwell from exhaustion and another asthma attack. I know the best I can do for now is pray and stay stable so that my family and friends will not worry.

I have faith that we will all pull through this. I've been through so many natural and man-made disasters (i.e. the 80s coup d'etats) and I'm stronger because of it. Growing up I saw my parents manage disasters with cool heads. I never saw them panic. The only thought they always had was to keep us safe. Remember, God only gives us trials we could bear.

My heart goes out to all those severely affected by the eruption. I'm unable to physically help so I'm just helping through other means. Please pray for all of us here in the Philippines and if you can send help there are many organizations you can send them through. You may also consider sending help through De La Salle Lipa -

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