Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Self-love for 2020

A blessed New Year to everyone!

Thought I'd start the year with a blog post. I stopped crafting new year resolutions a few years ago. I thought it wasn't really important to write things down since I always had my compass at the back of my mind. I usually wrote down things I wanted to improve on and things I wanted to do. It was my wishlist for the year. Without a compass I ended up just focusing on work. I forgot to have fun, enjoy and spend more time with the people I love. The stress also caused a lot of health issues.

By September last year I knew I badly needed a break, but I was so busy and couldn't take a break. I love what I do so I trudged on and continued to do a lot of traveling. I was like a candle that was slowly melting away. At the end of October something happened and the light blew out. I finally burnt out.

After being on break for a few weeks now I think I'm starting to warm up, but I'm still very far from normal me. The people who helped me before I went on break stressed that I need to give myself a lot of self-love so I can come back to my usual perky self. I thought it would be good exercise to write down 10 things I'm going to do (for starters) to give myself some self-love:

1. Do my daily exercise for my back and swim at least thrice a week.
2. Create a better balance in home management, both for chores and finances.
3. Plant the seeds to financial freedom.
4. Allot time every day for reading and writing.
5. Set up annual break time.
6. Eat better.
7. Spend time doing nothing.
8. Plan trips to places I really want to visit.
9. Work on hobbies.
10. Ignore those who should be ignored hrhr.

I'm not too happy with the list yet so I'll probably update it as I discover more ways to love myself. Would appreciate no work-related pings/inquiries so I can focus on the task at hand to sync back my body and mind.

Happy new year and praying for a happier and healthier 2020! 

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  1. Happy New Year Ninang A! More blessings to you and your family. You are my inspiration sa blogging! Love you!