Sunday, January 26, 2020

My Funny Way of Cooking Bacon

I am a selective cook. I hate frying especially when oil splatters all over the place. I got over frying hotdog because I eventually learned that you can use water to cook it! So because I don't like frying I don't cook fried fish or fried chicken. That's what the over is for and I might say it's healthier haha.

In Manila I have a nice range, but in Singapore I make do with an induction stove and the landlord has provided a portable oven. I'm actually thinking of downgrading what I have in Manila since I realized I don't need a fancy range to do all my cooking and baking. It's also faster to cook using an induction stove, so when my electric stove in Manila conks out I'll downgrade hrhr.

So last night I thought I'd make carbonara. I only used half of the bacon for the pasta so I started frying the other half. Fairprice was closed so I ended up buying bacon from Cold Storage. The bacon had more fat than what I usually buy at Fairprice, so oil started to splatter while I was frying. Ahhh, but I usually still manage to fry bacon safely. Here's how -

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