Thursday, January 16, 2020

Overcoming Trauma After a Disaster

I finally started to open the boxes that housed some of the items I managed to salvage from Typhoon Ondoy. There was a major change in my life after Typhoon Ondoy -- I got married. Both Sweetie and me were affected by the typhoon and we scrambled to finish preparations a month before our wedding. The only thing I was able to keep dry was my desktop computer, everything else went under water.  

Whatever we were able to dry under the sun I kept in a few plastic boxes. It moved with us whenever we moved and it has been there gathering dust.Yes, ten long years. I opened one box today because I was thinking about what I can say about moving forward from a disaster. I know the eruption of the Taal Volcano will leave many people traumatized, just as I was after Typhoon Ondoy.

My brother, Jojo Apolo, is a NLP programming expert and master trainer. He shared through this video how to overcome trauma. He has done this exercise with me to help me move on from trauma. If you have family/friends or would like to help others get over trauma please watch this video so you can help them.

When I opened the box earlier today I realized that I kept those items because I wanted to preserve happy memories. I was ecstatic to find one of Sweetie's cards for me from 2008. I thought I lost all his love letters during the flood. I originally thought that I would be sad opening the box, I was more miffed that I didn't open it earlier because of the dust. Looking back though I guess I kept those mementos I saved because they're part of my happy memories and just as my Kuya taught in the video, one must always anchor on happiness to move forward. That and have a Dad who would give you marching orders to rebuild immediately after a disaster. I'll save that story for tomorrow.

I hope and pray everyone will be okay and that the Taal Volcano will lose steam and just go back to sleep. Donations are still needed, please refer to this list to see where you can help.

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