Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Palate Change

I think someone stole and changed my tongue while I was asleep! Or maybe someone hypnotized me and successfully killed my meat-loving taste buds.

Since that creepy night in Baguio you can count in one hand the number of times I ate pork/beef. The mound of bacon at a meeting didn't even tempt me at all. I love pork! I always eat pork and beef. I had to just eat pork and beef for a good five years because of my allergy to chicken. But as my cardio told me six months after my surgery, "The age of indulgence is over."

In the last few months I've been watching closely what I eat. I still ate pork and beef a lot, but my weight just kept going up. It was a surprising problem to have since my metabolism was always fast. It seems that with 100% blood flow my body's telling me that I need to be more active to burn whatever I eat in excess.

My trip to Baguio did something to my taste buds. I told myself since I'm visiting the salad bowl of the Philippines I was just going to eat veggies. Eating at "Oh My Gulay" showed me that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up all of your favorite food (well except fast food). I've been researching online for healthy recipes and I started with the vegetables I bought from the Baguio Public Market.

Here's what I have managed to cook so far from recipes I found online:

Cheese Broccoli Soup

Vegetable and Kani Tempura

Adobong Kangkong

And then I bought the "Sexy Chef Cookbook" from National Bookstore while hunting for Miguel's odd-sized sketchbook. It's a treasure trove of healthy recipes! Here's what I made in the last few days:

Oven Baked Chicken Fingers (tasted like the one from Friday's!).

California Maki Pinwheels which I made last night. It's probably going to be one of the things I'd be making regularly since Sweetie hasn't been eating rice for about 65 days now and has missed eating maki.

And for dessert I made no bake strawberry cheesecake using low-fat cream cheese.

I've been feeling much better in the last few weeks since I've been eating more veggies and fish. My sinuses haven't been acting up and I'm really happy about that. I've also been losing weight but I hope to lose more in time for my check-up.

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